An Invitation.

Recently, I have become increasingly aware, both through my own lovely vexations as a human and through listening to my fellow MS Warriors (we are a circle of infinite support and badassery who will one day have the pleasure of meeting in real life) and through having real life relationships with friends and family and seeing what plays out on social media…. that there are some humans who take other’s issues and offer “support” by trying to introduce them to some product they are now selling that could be life-changing and ever so helpful.

Ummmm- NO. Just NO.

This type of “support” is different from the offerings of actual kind humans who mention healing products and modalities that they have found vital in their own experiences with whatever fuckery they are traversing through in their own lives. And sometimes even these well-intentioned suggestions can feel overwhelming and/or defeating because there is no one size fits all product or treatment for any of us. And many of us have tried all sorts of things already and/or have researched the hell out of tons and tons of alternative treatments.

And, as my dear mother used to say, unless someone specifically asks you for your opinion or advice, do not offer anything other than compassion. And as a therapist, I can wholeheartedly affirm this concept.

So back to the sellers and pushers of products guised in the “So sorry for…. various and sundry issues”- this is my invitation to y’all ( not just my own but also on behalf of all of us already dealing with enough and spending copious amounts of time, energy, and money on all types of health care and healing/pain/stress management tools)- I cordially invite you to cease all fake kindness in your quest to sell me a product that will cure me or remarkably impact the quality of my life. I encourage you either to stand in your truth of what you are selling and wanting my money for without all of the unnecessary bullshit of extra words (especially if I have not seen you for 35 years and you recently friended me on social media…true stories for many of us) OR just don’t even get involved. Stay in your own lane. I am not your woman to try to take advantage of- especially at this specific time when I am still recovering from all of the intrusive things that have been done- for good reasons- to my already vulnerable body.

No need to RSVP to my invitation to stop the bullshit.

So may all of us who are dealing with all the different things that life challenges us with go forth collectively and with compassion and real-ness and with the understanding that we are all beautifully unique. And with the wisdom that we can say NO to all of the “invitations” that come our way and we can say yes if we choose to do so and that is ok, too. We get to choose. We will find the tools we need and search them out based on our own grit and research and internal knowledge.

Sending extra compassion and support to all the people who need it today. Not because I am trying to sell you anything. Just Because.

2 thoughts on “An Invitation.

  1. Sorry you have to put up with all that crap. I bet they tell you that the entire medical community is conspiring against promoting these “cures” for their own devious purpose, whatever that may be.

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