Deep Breaths. Drop Inside Yourself.

So many things. A sensory overload of information- conflicting, divisive, political ridiculousness in excess, opinions upon opinions. Enough.

The judgment of others is disheartening. And there is just entirely too much of it- on every level whether it is among people in my own profession, politics (which I mentally refer to as polifucks), on how institutions are choosing to either proactively or reactively respond to this virus that we are all keenly aware of at this point, parenting, the list goes on and on.

I am practicing social distancing from what I am bombarded with every time I turn around. I am distancing myself mentally and emotionally ( I already practice it physically because I am naturally introverted and need to rest entirely too much because of my uninvited partner who takes up way too much energy- thanks MS).

I am over sorting and sifting through the bullshit. The hypocrisy. Why can’t we all have our own viewpoints without getting name-called by people within our own circles- and I am talking about professional and political here. As a clinical social worker/psychotherapist or whatever label you choose to use- why can’t we see how damaging it is to shame others in our field who practice from their own authentic perspectives- who ever said we had to all be the same type of therapist and believe the same things politically? Isn’t that a tad bit hypocritical? I can choose to have my own informed thoughts that can be fluid and open based on my own lived experiences, critical thinking skills and innate sense of knowing and intuition- we do not actually all have to be on the same exact page about every single issue- so if there are differences in beliefs and practices ( which there obviously will be because we are all DIFFERENT) let us withhold from judgment of one another. Isn’t that what we teach others? Aren’t we humans as well?

Can we all just take a collective deep breath ( in our own homes) and come back to ourselves- please?

It is possible to respectfully disagree about certain things without shaming and blaming and name-calling. The world does not need more of this. Everyone is stressed out enough. Whether you are privileged or not. Stress can be different and we can all experience it. It may manifest itself differently and that is actually Human. Because we are all humans.

Just look at the parent’s pages of your student’s educational Facebook pages, or listen to your kids, your colleagues, your friends. And if you are “fortunate” enough to belong to a chronic illness club and/or be medically compromised from cancer or other traumatic diseases, do I even have to continue this sentence here…

So I am exhaling out all of the hypocrisy and judgment and stress. And inhaling in the permission to be my own self with my own perspectives and intuition. And I am breathing for all of us as humans to be able to do the same- regardless of whether you agree with 100 per cent of my opinions and beliefs. I don’t expect any other person to actually agree or understand with my own self- because that would kind of be impossible as there is no one else exactly like me. And this goes for all of us- and that is absolutely and amazingly OK.

Inhale. Exhale. Permission. Inhale. Exhale. Respect. Inhale. Exhale. Compassion. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

One thought on “Deep Breaths. Drop Inside Yourself.

  1. I loved this post Melissa! I must say, I am so tired of the grown men in politics acting like the bad children in a playground. It seems a little pathetic to me and at a time of crisis, we should all be working together instead of building more hatred!


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