Just a Few Musings

So 2020 is rocking our collective world. As my dear son said, “ After all of this is over, maybe some positives will come out of this crisis.”

One can only hope so. Maybe this collective fear and anxiety and concern for health and humanity can provide a sense of unity and empathy that has been lacking. Maybe we can become more comfortable accepting other’s viewpoints and also focus more on things that matter. Maybe we can all remember to wash our hands more thoroughly and to practice better hygiene. I will tell you that in a weird way, as someone who is immune-compromised, a part of me feels safer going out in the world now because everyone ( hopefully…) is taking extra measures to contain their germs. This doesn’t mean I am hugging people or doing anything ridiculous, just that it is kind of nice- other than the fact that if this particular virus gets me…. well, we all know the scary realities. And I would rather not relapse, but that is a fear I live with every single day- just a part of regular life now- no big deal…. insert eyes rolling.

My heart is aching for all of the victims and all of the health care workers. And all of the teachers. And all of the parents. And basically every one. The small businesses and the people out of work. The stories I have heard personally- overwhelming sadness and fear. The outrageousness of what is happening takes some time to fully process and absorb.

And we are consistently having to reset and adjust as new issues keep arising. What a practice in patience and acceptance this is….

Our family dynamics ( as well as tons of yours) just completely shifted with college kids moving ( understandably unhappily) back home to finish the semester online and high schoolers doing e-learning and husbands working from home. I almost walked in on a live web-conference call yesterday- Oy-my poor husband!Every one is HOME. At the same time. For many hours at a time. I honestly cannot imagine having young kids at this time. Those of you who do, please know it is ok just to be on survival mode and that screen time lots of the time will not be the end of the world. Seriously. Just do the best you can each hour. Maybe all of the parent shaming and comparison bullshit can begin to END- that would certainly be a positive to come out of this.

And, if any of you know me at all, you have to be expecting a musing about food shaming and body shaming and all of the things that go along with that soapbox of mine. Please, just don’t even go there. Maybe this will be a lovely time for detoxing from certain social media accounts that create this ridiculousness. We are all just trying to avoid this virus and deal with quarantines and finding toilet paper and surviving our family dynamics- so, for once and for all, enough with diet culture. Food is not medicine either and will not cure the Coronavirus- ( nor will essential oils) how crazy that I just even wrote this sentence? But some “Wellness Gurus” are actually promoting this idea. Y’all. Just no. Dr. Joshua Wolrich and FoodSCIENCEBabe are great resources for scientific facts. There is such a thing as science. And I am a believer in and user of complementary health modalities AND SCIENCE.

Also, a note on letting go of the incessant need to be productive and busy. As someone who can no longer engage in life with that perspective ( and the struggle is persistent and real), please consider using this time to give yourself permission to untether yourself from this way of rigid thinking. Some days it really is acceptable to stay in your pajamas all day and read books, watch tv, write, create art, play games, watch silly videos on your phone or sleep. And you can do it without calling yourself lazy. We are actually being mandated to slow down for the greater good. So if you need to view it that way- feel free!

So may we all give ourselves and our fellow humans the gifts of hand washing and social distancing and and noticing the little things to be grateful for and the compassion for how challenging this time is for all of us collectively. And may we send consistent healing vibes to all the suffering people.

3 thoughts on “Just a Few Musings

  1. Sometimes it takes an extreme event, such as a pandemic, or MS, to drastically alter our perspective on life. And yes, the quackery is indeed strong out there! Thanks for telling it like it is.


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