Let’s ask What instead of Why

Ok y’all. Just a bit embarrassed to live in SC at the moment. Since our governor has not issued a stay the fuck at home order- let’s take some personal responsibility and do it ourselves. We actually can use our own critical thinking skills and listening to health care experts who understand SCIENCE to practice staying at home and physically distancing our own selves. Washing our hands, cleaning doorknobs and surfaces frequently, using Clorox wipes immediately upon inserting a debit/credit card into any type of machine at the gas station, pharmacy, grocery store, whatever. This is not rocket science. This is common sense and taking some extra steps when you do have to go out for necessary things and/or to work. And please do not touch anyone else’s screen to sign something. I have been practicing that for years – even before MS happened because- GERMS.

We are all experiencing an unprecedented shift in our systems and within our families and ourselves. Be kind and mindful about how you engage with others and within yourselves. Please stop comparing this to the flu. In no possible way is that helpful at this moment. And can we please stop polarizing the economic concerns against public health? This is an example of the power of the AND word because it is not a one or the other issue- it is a both issue. And we are all trying to figure it out and we will not all agree- solutions are found when we can see all sides of something- they are typically not found when we are rigid in our thinking and refuse to consider alternatives. One thing I believe we can all agree on at this moment is that there exists such a thing as science. This is a priority currently because science informs how we can survive this Fuckery we are all experiencing. Be solution focused- ask what instead of why.

What can I do to manage my anxiety about this?

What can I do to help do my part?

What can I do to help other people?

What are some effective strategies I need to put in place to manage this situation?

What can I get curious about instead of being judgmental about?

What am I feeling about this?

What? What? What? Insert your own questions that are meaningful to you.

One of the beautiful things about asking what instead of why is that you can practice it at home away from other people. It can create a sense of empowerment instead of helplessness. Let’s empower ourselves to flatten the curve for those that are on the front lines working their asses off. Let’s empower ourselves to take some personal responsibility here.

May we all stay the fuck home for now.

May we all get more comfortable asking What.

May we all practice perspective shifting and understanding science and doing the best we can in this particular moment in time. And May we all send out compassion upon compassion for all of us.

2 thoughts on “Let’s ask What instead of Why

  1. Excellent!!Also, I’m so proud of Sandra for giving you not only a brilliant mind but the ability to mimic her language, if you get my drift…..


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