So yesterday as I was relaxing into my 2nd acupuncture session since March ( Hallelujah), I noticed all of this “stuff” happening in the right side of my body- my whole right midriff area was just pulsing and making itself known. When my acupuncturist came back in to remove the needles ( I’m always a bit sad and not ready for that part because I love being on that table), I asked her what that was about as I had never really felt that happen in that specific area. She asked if I had been feeling frustrated lately. I laughed and answered her with a resounding YES. So what a lovely experience to have that energy cleared and flowing better again.

AND I know exactly why my fiery frustration is getting stuck internally. It is the lack of AND that I am hearing and witnessing ( and that is with an intentional limiting of social media intake). I am beyond frustrated at the polarization of every single issue that is so loud and apparent right now. What on earth is happening that everything has turned into US/THEM, RIGHT/WRONG, name-calling and shaming our fellow humans? Have people forgotten to include the AND word that brings perspective and empathy and at least a modicum of understanding that we are all experiencing turmoil together and that we come from differing circumstances and lived experiences? Where is the ability to agree to respectfully disagree and to honor our own stories while also allowing space for other people to engage in their own realities? Have we allowed ourselves to become this ridiculous over politics and a virus and mask-wearing? I am ashamed on behalf of humanity. Absolutely Positively Frustrated beyond belief at this lack of boundaries and the disrespect that is infiltrating our society. And frustrated with myself for letting it effect my own sense of peace that I practice so diligently to cultivate.

Please- may we all return to grounding ourselves in the ANDs of life. And may we keep remembering that we are all experiencing suffering and pain and confusion and hardships during this time. Let us practice ADAPTIVE cognitions and behaviors- despite the fact that the conflicts are at an all time high amidst our current confusing reality.

If there is one thing I know for sure (and I say this with a grain of salt because most things I know are not certain and I have more questions than answers), it is that adaptation and resiliency and compassion and gratitude are gifts of strength and love. And I will wait patiently to be back on the acupuncture table next week. And I will breathe out the frustration as soon as I sense it. And I will continue to limit my exposure to the ridiculousness of social media and the news. I only have control over my own boundaries, thoughts and actions.

May we all be well and practice kindness and compassion to ourselves and for humanity.