On the Mend

Writing this on pain meds after surgery yesterday. No real sleep since Wednesday-

How is a person supposed to recover when continually given shots through the night and getting blood drawn and vitals taken??And I may have spilled my water all over the bed around 1:00 am and instead of waiting for the nurse, I just remade the bed with dry blankets- then when the nurse came in to poke me for the 27th time he was like – Why didn’t you call for me…. I just told him I’m a mom and it’s just easier to do it myself….

So glad to be at home now! My sweet boy who is recovering from an emergency appendectomy on Sunday night made me tea… we have been comparing surgical notes and have the same yellow hospital socks- I’d rather bond with him in other ways, but I’ll take what I can get.

The angelic DR from MD 360 who sent him to the ER called me today to check on him and tell me she had his surgeon’s notes- she basically said that we are extremely lucky he is ok- can’t even write all the words and science-ey medical stuff because it makes me so emotional and angry at his “pediatrician” who is no longer his pediatrician- OBVIOUSLY.
This same Dr was the one who sent me to the ER on J’s 15th birthday last year when she thought I was having a stroke. She remembered how angry I was that she was making me go to the ER. When I told her it wasn’t a stroke and that it was MS, she stood up and hugged me and got a bit emotional herself. Then she had to tell me she was sending J to the ER immediately- this was not triggering AT ALL… Insert Eye Rolls.

And even though every part of my neck hurts and it’s hard to swallow- I am filled with joy that J is ok. Still not 100 % of course but so much better.

AND I got to walk outside with my dear friend today- very very slowly- but Hallelujah for fresh air and walking and friends who visit with goodies and dads who bring you coffee and smoothies and husbands who do all the things and daughters who go to the pharmacy and take silly videos of you.

So here’s to recovering and may all of you dear souls who are dealing with the reality of being human give yourselves a big hug of self compassion and acceptance.
And if not one word of this made any sense, it’s the Ultram.

6 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Melissa, I hope you and Jonathan will be feeling better soon. You are so strong 💪 and I am sure your words will give strength to someone else in need.

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  2. Sweet Melissa, hope you and Jonathan both recover from your surgeries very quickly. Glad you are both home; maybe now you can get more rest. Let all your love ones spoil you!!! Happy Hanukah and may the New Year bring you much love and joy!

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